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 About Us

Bria E. Woods, a Memphis native, started her culinary journey when she relocated to Nashville in 2016. It was through her relocation she discovered her passion and hidden talent for cooking. Bria relocated back to Memphis in 2018 when she decided her niche would be desserts.  At the request of Bria's fiancé, she made him banana pudding which he loved so much that he advised her to start a business. Bria started selling 10 banana puddings at work that quickly grew to 100 banana puddings in one day. After that Elise Dessert Company was formed by April 2020 during the  pandemic. Bria named Elise Dessert Company after her middle name "Elise" which means "God is an abundance" 

Currently, Bria serves as the owner and operator of Elise Dessert 

Company based in Memphis, TN. Elise Dessert Company offers a variety of your favorite Southern sweets in addition to Quiche. Our top seller is our famous banana pudding, strawberry banana pudding, caramel banana pudding and cookie pudding which can also be purchased at several locations in Memphis and online. 


Our 8 oz. banana,

strawberry banana, cookie and caramel banana pudding are available SEVEN days a week at the following locations:

  •  Cordelia's Market  

  • Memphis Cash Saver Madison

  • Cash Saver South Third Street

  • Superlo Foods of Spottswood

  • Superlo Foods of Goodman Rd

  • The Curb Market

  • High Point Grocery

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